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Powder Disinfectant For Manual Use And Ultrasonic
Washers Enzymatic Power Activity Detection With Stripes Economical

Packaging Information Catalog No.
5 x 2 kg HDPE buckets 100168
30 x 50 g alum Bags 100175
25 x 1 control stripes

Composition %(w/w)
TAED – 35,00
Sodium Percarbonate – 55,00
Phosphonates ,enzymes (amylase, lipase, protease),
corrosion inhibitors – 10,00
(Reaction results in ≤ 2000 ppm peracetic acid)

Antimicrobial Properties
Bactericidal ( Incl. Tb –MRSA )
Virus inactivating (HBV, HCV, HIV, Rota, Vaccinia, Adeno, Polio, Norowalk, Papova)

Usage Areas

  • Used for the disinfection of;
  • Heat resistant or heat sensitive surgical/dentistry instruments in different areas of application ( MIS, dentistry, surgery, endoscopy, intensive care, anesthesia and laboratory)
  • Suitable for both ultrasonic baths and manual immersion method

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