With CHG, 4 hr. Protective Effect

Packaging Information Catalog No.
20 x 1000ml HDPE bottles 100342
20 x 500ml HDPE bottles
Auxilary eqipment: Stainless steel wall dispenser

Composition %(w/w)
Ethanol – 62.0 (min70 v/v)
Chlorhexidine gluconate – 0.5
Isopropanol – 0.25
Lanoline, cetyl alcohol, dye stuff and essences.

Antimicrobial Properties
Bactericidal (incl.Tb – MRSA)
Virus inactivating (HBV, HCV, HIV, Rota, Vaccinia, Adeno, Polio, Norowalk, Papova)

Usage Areas

  • Hexadermal is used as pre-surgery hand and skin antiseptic and as punction skin antiseptic in hospitals and under conditions where frequent hand and skin antisepsis is necessary.
  • Clinics, hemodialisis units, emergency-intensive care units, ambulances
  • Operating and consulting rooms, diagnosis and treatment units
  • Food and drink industry, pharmaceutical industry, veterinary practice
  • Sport centers and clean rooms
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