Professional License Setup

Dubai is one of the fastest growing cities in the world and the attractive low tax system of the emirate of Dubai makes it a perfect place to set up businesses in Dubai. Professional License setup in Dubai is one of the excellent services from the professionals of SAAF CLEARING SERVICES UAE. The Professional License company can be setup with 100% foreign ownership in the Emirate of Dubai. However, a UAE national will be appointed as a service agent but he has no direct involvement in the business and is paid on an annual basis. The role of the Local Service Agent is to assist in obtaining professional license, visa, labour card, etc. There is no minimum capital requirement for a professional company in Dubai.

Professional Company may engage in professional activities. A professional company practices a profession as its main object and in which the partners rely on for their professional effort they exercise more than on profiting from the business of others. The professional company is setup in Dubai between professional and can carry out only non-commercial activities.

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